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    Solid Sodium Ethoxide
    Liquid Sodium Ethoxide
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    Liquid Sodium methoxide
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    Solid Sodium Ethoxide

    Solid Sodium Ethoxide

    Solid sodium ethoxide,light yellow powder or particule.Easy to decompose in the air,it will become dark in storage. Dissolved in absolute ethanol without decomposition.Sodium Ethoxide is one of the typical alkoxide.Sodium ethoxide solution is a strong alkali,its alkaline stronger than NaOH.
    English name: Sodium Ethoxide
    Alias: Sodium ethylate,Ethanol sodium
    CAS: 141-52-6
    Molecular formula: C2H5ONa
    Molecular weight: 68.05
    Physico-chemical property
    Appearance:light yellow powder or particule.Sensitivity to light.Easy to decompose in the air without sealed packing.It will become dark during long storage.
    Solubility:Soluble in ethanol,insoluble in benzene
    Melting point:260 ℃
    Density:0.35--0.65 g/mL
    Stability:Reacts violently with acid,water;Incompatible with chlorinated solvents, moisture. Absorbs carbon dioxide from the air.
    Storage:Stored at room temperature.Being protected by inert gas or Vacuum sealed.
    Water soluble:Miscible,it is decomposed into sodium hydroxide and ethanol with water.
    Sensibility: Humidity sensitive。
    Technical Data

    Item Index
    Appearance light yellow powder or particule
    Content >99%
    Free alkali <1%
    Na2CO <0.5%

    1、ethoxylate agent, as well as a coagulant and reductant for organic synthesis, pharmaceuticals and pesticides synthesis;
    2、harmaceutical products used sodium ethoxide are: phenobarbital, butazodine, primidone,methyldopa,tetracaine hydrochloride,eprazinone,aminopterin,pyrimethamine,horse ampicillin etc.
    fire,light, oxidizing agents and acids.
    Out fire:Dry powder,Carbon dioxide and sand.Do not use water or foam.
    Package: 20 kg/bag,20 kg/drum,80 kg/drum,135 kg/drum

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